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Mary & Dee & Kobi Chrisner

(RIP Richard)

OR CALL 254-366-6503 for reservations
17120 Moody Leon Road
Moody, TX 76557
254-853-3043 Richard and Mary

Chrisners Ranch is a favorite of a lot of local diggers! Richard and Mary Chrisner run a great
paydig that everyone that goes there has a great time!
Don't forget to bring your camera with you because the ranch is huge and there are lots of
opportunities for those who love the out doors to snap some pictures of the canyons and the cows!
Its a great place to take the kids too! You can dig in the camps or surface hunt the many acres of texas land!
Call Richard or Mary and make a reservation for your own day in the wild!

I would like to put in a call to the diggers at Chrisners Ranch to EMAIL ME YOUR PICTURES of your
finds from the ranch so I can also add them to this page to show off some of the wonderful items that
diggers can have the chance to find when they visit too! Thanks !

Here is a copy of the map for the property and the digs on the Ranch - Please feel free to print it to take with you!


Hal got the Beautiful Ensor at Chrisners Ranch Screen Dig! WOWERS can't get much prettier than that! The ranch has LOTS of life! Call today!
Hal's killer Darl from Chrisners Ranch - Bills Camp - Whatta Beauty!

Matty & Sawyer were getting their hands dirty screen digging at Chrisners Ranch this weekend!
Elenor showing off her find from the screen dig @ Chrisners Ranch
Family day for Dale, Heidi, Matty & Sawyer here at Chrisners Ranch Screen Dig - YOU and your family should too! Give them a ring and make it a family did day and take home some memories!

Chris Acree found this rare scribed stone

9-30-2012 - Our website friend Avery, from Virginia found this at the ranch!

Jon H. went to Chrsiners with some friends Saturday and walked the creeks. We found a few partial points & some fossils. Then we met Jack. Jack had a AWESOME day. I addition to 3 or so full points and some cool fossils, he found 3 KILLER 5 inch or better Friday Blades made of a dark flint patinated white all in a small area of the creek.

3-12-2012 There is WATER in the creeks at Chrisners Ranch HINT! But sorry there are 2 less points for you water walkers to find ! Good Day!


Fulton Hollow Fings from Digfest 2012 - CLICK HERE to see some
finds from the area that is being screen dug !



Michelle finding Hal's Tossed in the Thro Pile lost Ensor! This is what I found in about 2.5 hrs - I was chatting more that diggin though!

Here are some Finds From BILLS CAMP at Chrisners. There are plenty of items
to be found on property.. Just gotta sit and dig at the right place!

Here is a 2 inch translucent little corner tang that RANCE found
out digging at Chrisners Ranch at the pothole camp!


Here are some updated pictures that were sent in from the Locals



Give the Chrisners a call at 254-853-3043 and be sure you tell them you found
them on !