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My users need more than a few days of honorable mention on the front page right??
A user came up with the idea of a Archive for these a while back and it was a great idea!

Randy's Find! Rogers papered it an turns out it a short Clovis! WOW!!
Hal got the Beautiful Ensor at Chrisners Ranch Screen Dig and some other
great artifacts too! Come hand or screen dig today!
Congratulations to "Eagle Eye Kathy "- One of our newest members from
She is 73 yrs & still hunting!
Shane C. KILLING me with this beautiful PERD! What Flaking!
Kerry sends in this A-1 KILLER from Palo Pinto County, TX.
Hal got the Beautiful Ensor at Chrisners Ranch Screen Dig! WOWERS can't get much prettier than that! The ranch has LOTS of life! Call today!
Here is Landon showing granpa where to dig out the good dirt to put on the screen tables. Landon's low to the ground & can see the flint better 

Hal's killer Darl from Chrisners Ranch - Bills Camp - Whatta Beauty!

Matty & Sawyer were getting their hands dirty screen digging at Chrisners Ranch this weekend!

Elenor showing off her find from the screen dig @ Chrisners Ranch

Bo Paine sends in this beauty of a Gorget from screening with TJ. There are 12 dots going side to side and 12 dots going up and down. WOW !

Family day for Dale, Heidi, Matty & Sawyer here at Chrisners Ranch Screen Dig - YOU and your family should too! Give them a ring and make it a family did day and take home some memories!

Chris's son found this yesterday while surface hunting! Base snapped birdie! Congratulations! Chris is a long time LURKER! Glad to have you here Chris!

Zach M. Recent finds! Hand digging happiness! 

Chris Acree found this rare scribed stone

Ron S. from Dripping Springs, TX Shares this beautiful blade that he found back in 1978 at Lake Buchanan (Burnet County). Sorry you can't make this dig this year but thanks for sharing your finds with us all Ron!

Shane C. ALWAYS sends in delightful finds! Check out this DOUBLE BASE TANG. Those Callus tell the story! THAT's a fantastic artifact!
So is this lower Blade that he found last Sept. Thanks as always !

9-30-2012 - Our website friend Avery, from Virginia, had to come to Texas this past weekend even if there was no Fest because he had tickets that he had to use. SORRY AVERY! But, He , and many others, are at Chrisners this weekend searching because of the rains. Here is one that Avery got today! Hal and I will be there monday morning to search the creeks and pick up any scraps that Avery and Ben might have left us.



Jarrid B. Sends in this AMAZING banded FAIRLAND from Gonzales county. This is just about the best example I have ever seen Congratulations Jarrid! Now you know what I want for C-Mas! 

Marty S. sends in some of his finds from Louisiana ! Sorry I didn't see you last weekend - My butt was in the Casino! Maybe next trip!

Mark T. sends in this AXE found on his ranch in Red River County of Texas. I have seen these in Ohio but not in Texas. I would start digging up the rose bushes Mark! Never know what else is in there! Thanks !!

Zach M. sends in some finds from over the years! Says he is just now planning on starting his collection. He recently graduated from high school and finally has the time DIG! GO GET UM ZACH !!!

Dale K. from Presido, TX sends in this "Spindle Whorl" from the Toltec Indians in Mexico. This was traded to West Texas Indians. Great Artifact Dale!

BEAUTY! Check out this KILLER KERVILLE KNIFE Freshly dug by Bo P.- The color on that is just gorgeous! Shane thanks for sending in that picture!   LOVE IT !


Marc sends in this spear he I found in Lake of the Ozarks while I was fishing. The spear came from a creek close to my fishing cabin in Osage Indian Territory 

Mike M. sends in wide variety of points he found Up above the San Marcos River! Thanks for sharing Mike! Keep that dirt moving!  Nice collection in deed !

Shane C. sends along this beauty of a Friday Blade. Look as the callus he got looking for this one! "IT RUBS THE LOTION ON ITS SKIN" ! NICE FIND SHANE!! Keep the coming! 
Mark - If that isn't the FACE of a happy screener .. I don't know what is!
Nacho Mamma's Ordinary Bell

Hal sent in his Screen Digging pictures from this weekend. Not sure who found this unbelievable Bell screenin this weekend with Nacho, But Congratulations to you!

More from Nacho's Screen Dig! This wafer thin translucent Covington found by Nacho this past weekend....has been sold..Congratulations new owner... PatricK Grass - You can see the right through it! Congrats!

James and Mickey tore it up with some great finds ! James found a super Langtry and Mikey for a very nice perd! Congratulations to all! Glad to see the dirt flying out of the Nacho's again! Maybe I will see him myself this year! Ha! Leave a few for me fella's!
7-21-2012 -David D found this while on a kayak fishing trip & got out on sand bar to take a break. Banks of Saint Charles Bay - Bloomington, TX
"The Snare Cache"
7-21-2012 - Cave in Presidio County by David K.
David that is pretty darn amazing that they lasted this long! The close up of the threads you sent are also great! Keep it up! 100% wow'ed me!

Josh says hello from Millsap Texas!!! Surface Hunters Beware! This one has the eyes for flint! Josh - You look hooked! Thanks for sharing!
Lightning Whelk Gorget Cache

Lightning Whelk Gorget Cache
Kenely showing off again! Check out the Corner Tang and the drill! Way to go Gurl! There she is hard at work on the Tables! Great Screening and Congrats! Thanks for father Mike H. For sending the pics!

Looks like Mason L. has already changed into his SCREEN DIG clothes! Idaho ran into this lad at a screen dig. This is one young man that is on his way!

Matt C &  Matt L from Boerne, TX send along a few from the field! Back in the DIRT! - VERY Nice Blade! And a VERY NICE looking Tailgate! Conrats to the Matt's! I will be back in the dirt soon myself!!!

Templetrotter sends in this beauty! Look at the base on this sucker! Send me a email and tell me what it is already! This beauty needs a name !

Boons Team sends in this buck tooth Montell and Drill! LOVE the presentation guys!!!! Both found near Burnet Texas. Way to go ! Sand !! There isn't any in Austin! 

Can you guess who's feet those are! Bhaha! Barefoot Bill sends in this Metate full of points from Chrisners. I'm tell you guys this man knows where to dig! 

Donny sends in this one from Zachary,La. Not sure what material this one is but its a similar base to the last one. Thanks for sharing your finds! Send some more! 

Richard H. Sr sends along these to drool at from Chrisners Ranch! Great finds! Congratulations Richard! Hope you left me a few

Marc V. wanted to show this turtle shell rattle that has been in his family since the early 1960's. Believed  to come from the Southern Oklahoma Chickasaw Tribe. EMAIL HIM HERE if you can help identify ! Thanks!

Russell C sends in this beauty found by his brother Clint

Jon H. went to Chrsiners with some friends Saturday and walked the creeks. We found a few partial points & some fossils. Then we met Jack. Jack had a AWESOME day. I addition to 3 or so full points and some cool fossils, he found 3 KILLER 5 inch or better Friday Blades made of a dark flint patinated white all in a small area of the creek.
Cliff has a group of close freinds that he hunts arrowheads with, this is the bunch.! They are a M�tley Crew, from doctors to construction workers , all have one thing in common Arrowheads . They all went down to Cliff's hunting lease in Sanderson Texas & roamed over 30.000 thousand acres. Cliff was un able to attend this year due to working on his house. So being the bunch they are , they decided to pose for a group photo Right in front of his deer blind. All in all everybody found points & brokes & did a lot of walking & had a good time with out me , this picture of points on red bandana was the better finds of the trip. Thought you would get a kick out of my motley crew. Adios cliff

Gary C. Sends in a few of his finds from just east of San Angelo, TX
3-2012 - Insitu pictures with my underwater camera!
Chrisners Ranch - 3-2012
I didn't use the Hal Underwater 1000 - I used my EYES and got these!

3-12-2012 There is WATER in the creeks at Chrisners Ranch HINT! But sorry there are 2 less points for you water walkers to find ! Good Day!

It's creek season folks! Check this out! Our good friend Julian ran across this beauty! About this about 5� long and less than a �� thick. It's got nice flaking. Congrats !! Thanks for sharing!

That Hal comes up with some great ideas for tools - THIS one takes #1

There is WATER PEOPLE! Get your walking sticks down to 
Chrisners Ranch and get them points!
Allen Brooks has made more than 550 beautiful flint murals. He also does custom orders! Email me and I will get you in contact with Alan if you are interested! He will be at Temple show!
 830-885-6106 and the email is kbrooks@gvtc.com

Bryan B. found this little beauty near a camp in the Bracketville, TX . Send me a email and tell em what it is so I can tell Bryan!

Well Well ! The Cameron boys just CAN'T stay out of the limelight! Randy's Son's Ensor blade and Randy's other son got this 3-1/4 plainview

Matt L sends in this Friday Blade that "fell out right in front of me"! I know that feeling ! Like my WOW when I got mine from Starr Ranch! CONGRATS!

Joshua , a long time lurker from Oregon, is now a military transplant to Texas to Dig Points! He visited Butch at Camp Live Oak and made out Great! 

Spencer C. sends in these two bulverde found at Chrisners Ranch

John R.wanted to show a few nice surface points I found in Frio County

2-6-2012 -You were working today - I was working Starr Ranch and at 8:31 am I got this killer Comanche / Batwing Perd!!!  oOhh and 
I got a baby Bird Point before I went home as well!
1-30-2012 - My visit to Starr Ranch - I got LUCKY and popped out a 4 5/8 Kinney ! What Luck! Thanks Craig!!! 

Russell C. sends in this killer comanche perd  found last Saturday in Hays Co!

Mason M. went to visit Butch at Camp Live Oak for a dig and came home with the beauty of a Langtry as one of his finds for the day! Congrats Mason!
Introducing new arrowhead hunter weighing in at 7 pounds 20.5 inches tall - Grady Luke  !

Bo P. sends in this snapped base OUCH!!! Whatta killer that would have been! 4 1/4 in without the base!!! WOWZERS!!!

1-7-2012 - Aidan Blanco from Lubbock, TX was digging at STARR ADVENTURE RANCH  found a HUGE 5 1/2 Blade! This Kids got great eyes and a great smile

Aidan Blanco

Shane sends in this great Langtry for all to see from Kerr county
1-8-2012 My visit to STARR ADVENTURE RANCH was great! Digging under all your throw dirt! Was a beautiful day! Nice to see everyone !! -Michelle

Matt L. sends us this 100% killer Marcos to gaulk at! Nice Job Matt!

This one is a little beauty! Nibbled down base tang??? VERY nice!

Shane sends in this killer Marshal ! Kerr county's got some SWEET flint!

Bill Arnold from TxDigger.com sends in this frame of Tangs that Bill acquired - They are mostly from the Ernie Clauss Collection.Wowzers!

Bo says "I guess we are in a hot spot because my little brother found a killer marshall with super nice flaking. Its 3 1/4 in long." Bo P !

12-3-2011 - Wayne S. Plainview he found surface hunting in west Texas

12-17-2011 - Bo Paine found this Translucent Perd 3 1/16 long. Kerr county. Thanks for sharing Bo !
11-13-2011 - Congratulations goes to our our PAT on his first ever Buck! Came in at 9 Points and over 15" wide!
CMAS 2011
Wayne S. sends in this Bell-Andice that he found Saturday in the sand hills in west Texas
Matt L. & Matt C. sent me his "We went digging for under 2 hrs" finds. Poor things , no Andice huh! Arg! heh GREAT FINDS YOU LUCKY DOGS!

Here is another beauty that randy from the Cameron bunch found digging last week at Starr Ranch!

Randy with the Cameron bunch sends me this WiLd EcCeNtRiC ! that Lil Thomas found!!!! Looks like little Cowboy Legs! WOW! Gotta LOVE them Indians when they get bored!
Thanks Randy & Marie !!!!

This digger got quite the suprise when he was digging around a old throw pile November 2nd. He wanted to share to make aware

 Mitch K. was nice enough to send in a picture of some points from the Uvalde collection! Thanks Mitch!

Billy strikes again. Well this time our Billy found a complete FOLSOM! Congratulations !! Whatta show!

Sara just has to go out and walk her dog in the yard and pick up points! Watch out fido, Sara is going to make you fat so she can walk you! Congrats Sara!

Steve C. sends on some of him finds from Northwest Louisiana from last week! Cool colors!

Sara sends a Howdy from Spicewood, TX and a picture of one of her finds!Sara studied  Native American Anthropology and is a collector!

9-18-2011 - Mason L. found this wonderful ensor at Chrisners! Check out that smile! Thanks for sending the picture and hello to Chris & Mindy
11-13-11 - Snoop Diggin got a nice Covington at Starr Ranch

Matt & Hayle L. wanted to show off some more finds. Hayle got this sweet perd! Looks like you have a contender on your hands there Matt! Congrats to you both!

"Deep in the Heart of Texas" Dan J. sends in this cool Texas shaped point! He found it near the St Frances River Ark!
Matt & Hayle L. wanted to show off some more finds. Hayle got this sweet perd! Looks like you have a contender on your hands there Matt! Congrats to you both!

GeeTen !!!  What a KILLER Cornertang you lucky dog! Great find and congratulations !!!!! 
LOVE IT ! Keep that under your pillow!

Chloe from Boerne, TX - With a father like Matt L, She will be digging up G-10 points before she can spell Castroville !
Dan J. sends this little note ' Nodena points found on the St Frances River in NE Arkansas.  Some of the Austin crowd might like to see some of the small "leaf" type points peculiar to the place around the Parkin Archeological Park, where a state park is now located.  This is one of the places that DeSoto visited in the early 1500's, and is the place the famous "laughing face" pots 


Ryan from Boerne, Tx - Cornertang is 4 1/2" found in kendall / Bandera counties. 

Matt L. from  Boerne, TX also sends in some chocolate colored finds! Says they are falling out like candy ! Well I have a quarter and I would like to play that middens slip machine! Bah! Love the color and love that drill! 
Thanks Matt!

Enjoy also this lightning welk shell gorget 6 1/2" x 3" 
Intricately worked with many tally marks and tattoos - personal finds !

Bo P. Found these arrowheads in Kerr county and Kimble county and wanted to share them with you all! 

Matt c. from Boerne. My buddy matt and I Took my girlfriend jenn and my brother Seth to their first birdpoint mound and jenn took home the beautiful eddies on the left and Seth the amazing unifaced black eddies. Gotta love first timers luck!

 Matt from Boerne, TX  wanted to share his FIRST PLAINVIEW and a 4 inch MONTELL!! Killer Matt!! Keep the dirt moving and up updated! Gotta Love it! Thanks for Sharing with us all!

John M sends in this 7in Knife found in Kerr County ! WOWZERS!

Kenely, 10 years old from near Burleson

Mike from San Angelo wanted to share this HUGE FRIO that I Kenely, 10 years old from near Burleson Found (by deangela at testsforge)! I am happy to see another female digger in the making! u go girl! Congratulations to you!

Hal got a KILLER PERD today at CHrisners Ranch! Whatta find! Hope you also found some shade! Congrats Hal !

This Awesome Montell Eccentric Needle Tip Montell is 2 1/4" Long by 1 11/16". It was dug on the Medina River in Bandera County, Texas in 2011. All of my Bandera County Points were dug in the SAME CAMP !!! It comes with Dwain Rogers COA Authentication Papers

Wayne S. sends along this wild Obsidian Point found in Gaines County on 7/14/2011. That sure is gorgeous material! Congrats Mr Wayne!

Our old Williamson County friend Eric W posted this killer 6 1/8 Base Tang in the message board Point Chatter - History in your hands there brother! Congratulations and glad to see you back online as well! 

Here is a GREAT kerville Knife that Bill Arnold has with a big old Bills Eye in the center of it!  Its 4 3/4 x 3 1/2 - VERY nice and Special piece Bill!

Ruining her manicure in a the dirt cave at Rolands Nueces River Adventures ! Please check the message board for pictures of their finds! Welcome to Texas! Yall come back now ya hear!

Rachelle sends in some of Scott's finds from www.farroutdoors.com - One stop for Texas Hog Hunts! Wicked Ensor & the drill is a REAL killer! Thanks guys!

Ronny D always sends in the goods! Check out that PERD! WOWZERS! I would pay to take that one home!

Sam Berry sends in this nice looking blade form that was recently found while hunting around Ouray Colorado. Says its a hard sandstone tool.

Mitch K. sends in these metal spear points found around Uvalde, Tx. around the Frio River - From a old collection, he is looking for more information on these pieces. I you can help please contact me and I will forward to him! Thanks!

Steven C. from  posts from Northwestern Louisiana this past weekend!

TJ Jennings is screening at Palmers Site untill June 29th
Cassi sends in this "Heart Breaker" broke right through the heart of Texas! Shane C's Kerr, Kimble,and Gillespie collection
Randy from the "The Cameron Boys" sends in Big T's Darl blade find!

At the Temple show - A artifact was STOLEN off the table - The Owner would like help locating his property! If you have ANY information on this Danish Dagger stolen from the Temple Artifact Show - Please contace the owner  Kevin Pipes from Dandridge, Tennessee
KPIPES@smkw.com or relics@smkw.com

Brandon's Corner Tang -   Found Creek Walking on Chrisners Ranch !

 Joshua R. sends in this great find from found on Flint River GA!

5-20-11 - Johnny sends in this 3-1/4� Perd found sifting near Ogelsby, TX 
Paul might be holding it. Either way WOW!! Killer! keep um coming!

5-22-2011 Blake snds this "From the Field" Gotta love them phone cameras! Looks like it was found by Blake G. creekin in bastrop county at 3:30pm!

Ryan M sends in this point that he found SOON as the little rabbit that was by him hopped away. Lucky rabbits feet! Thanks Ryan!

Here is James again showing off some Texas Points from around Uvalde area! Wicked montells ! WOW Says the lower one is so thin, you can see your FINGERS through the other side!

David sends along his finds from Floyd and Tammy Cantwell's Dig! Nice Drill!

Arrowhead table for sale $100 (No points included!) About knee high! Pretty Cool! Contact James Email Direct link ! Thanks James! 

Newcomer to the message board, Mike D., Posted this picture of some of hin finds. He is a Waco Creek Walker and we love the collection!

Billy sends in the BEST FRIO HE EVER FOUND! Found with TJ Jennings Dig right there in Vanderpool! Call TJ! Says that they are in the good again !!
J J K HOOD sends in this beautiful unwashed friday blade! Waiting for more information on this one and where it came from! Will share more later! 

 Billy Mayes just found his first Tang ! (Says not sure if its Corner or Mid-Back maybe email me help by putting it on your website?) Found in the desert of southwest Texas - Congrats Billy!!!!!! Whatta Beauty !!!!
Hal got a sweet drill & others at Rolands Nueces River Dig!  Not as big as the "Foot Long Perd" but pretty close! Congrats and thanks Roland!


COLE is knocking them out of the park at Chrisners Ranch! Here is Cole with another GREAT surface find! I hear  Carolyn is great with that camera but woman put it down and pick them up! Cole is getting them all ! 8)

Hay JESSY!!! Stay outta my dig hole!! heh! you can thank me later for leaving that hole nice and clean for you after I left it on monday out at Chrisners Ranch! Hope you left it clean for me too! Congrats Jessy!

Flo - Thanks for posting this.. This is the BEST site for soar eyes! Wow you guys get after that before its 100+ deg and I see no water in site! GREAT PICTURE! Ahhhhhh the memories of sweet camps !

From Collection of Don and Penny B - Favorites from our Collection.Found in BellCounty, TX - Thanks for sharing guys!

Looking for great OAK cases for you finds! Contact Farr Outdoors
Scott Farr 254-771-1563 or Rachelle Boyer 206-909-3135

Here are some finds sent in by Carolyn and Jerry K. from Wise County. 

WillyBee sends along this KILLER 5 inch translucent Friday Blade found in the flint filled soil of Rolands NUECES RIVER ADVENTURES DIG ! 

Calendar Stone anyone?? That Cole is one lucky young man! 
KILLER COLE!!! WOW! Maybe its a squaw stone! 8)
Here is COLE with a great drill ne found out digging with the Nach!


Tim and Elaine D�s finds with Nacho for March 2011.  Elaine found the 4 � Kinney blade and the Kerrville knife(her first)

Jimmy T. sends this last finds from Nachos - Barksdale was a great place! At least Jimmy got to take these home before it was done!
Ok - So here is my truck - 7AM going to work .. I see it in the driveway and say HAL!!! Hose it off and leave my little friend there for the ride
Going down 183 in slow morning traffic.. Finally get over 40 and WTF.. Feels like I have a flat tire and the front end os shaking.. Make it over to the off ramp thinking I have a flat tire....... So I un-wire THIS from my front wheel ... AND my whole truck smells like icing .... WATCH OUT HAL!!!! Yall gotta help me out and get this old bugger for me!!!!!

GLYN T. Sends in this great clear quartz biscuit discoidal for our viewing pleasure! Why you get the nice clean ones and I get the broken dirty ones! heh NICE Glyn!

Penny B sends in her little penny and possably a game ball that she found digging out in Salado 3-4feet deep down. 

Tucker has been showing off some points in the message board "Point Chatter" that him and his friend are finding! Should go check it out!Thanks for sharing Tucker!


TJ jennings Screen Dig - 1-830-688-1669
Brett H. with a beautiful Kenny from Vanderpool site with TJ! A proud face! Congratulations ! Thanks to Brett for showing off your his TJ find !
TJ JENNINGS DIG  for reservations and get your spot on the Screen Dig Table before these spots fill up! Tell TJ that Michelle sent ya !!

Here is one by our own Nate A. This is a frame of 100% from CCC Chrisners Ranch hand dig in Moody, TX. Can't beat it for $40 for the day! Thanks Nate!

3-2011 Chrisners Ranch today -  insitu where I was sitting! Bahha! the goodie hole! Ok.. Only 1 point but it was complete!

3-7-2011 - Chrisners Ranch
I found (What I think is) a small Darl and a few broken chunks. Spider was well fed and it was a beautiful day out on the ranch with the sound of guinea's running wild!

Timothy D. sends in a pic of some of his collection - Some are from screening with The Nach! Great Stuff Timothy!

Pat Kinyon broke open the safe deposit box to show off a Paleo that he is hoarding. I am sure it is now under his pillow safe and sound!
Jon H.  - This caption should read " Dig now, Breath later" !!
Here is a happy screener ! We didn't catch your name but thanks for sending the pic! I can't wait to get back in the dirt pile!
Drew O. Sends in some flint porn for all to see. WOW look at the points on those suckers! Thank for sending um in Drew! Good Stuff! 
2-12-2011 Congratulations Michael H. !! New owner a beautiful Corner Tang found at Chrisners Ranch !! New Corner Tang Club member!
Brandon S. sent in this pic from his CHRISNERS RANCH finds! He hunts there a few times per month! Hope to dig with you and Rob out there sometime ! Thanks for sending it in !
Timothy D. sent me some great pictures from his collection. This one was so good I HAD to share it! WOW ! I would scamper if that was coming at me !! Thanks Timothy! ( From screenin with the Nach! ) 
Its cold out and not alot of digging going on so TIME TO DIG in those boxes of Broken points and get them repaired! Check out this wicked array of points that LEWIS G. Sent to Dr. Gomer to get all fixed up! WOW!!!
Marcus W. posted this little beauty on the Message Board ! WOW I sure would have missed that one with the 3/4 screen! Thanks Marcus ! 

1-31-2011 - TANG OR NO TANG - THAT IS THE QUESTION - Found this little darlin today.. That little corner leg really disturbs me! WHAT IS THIS!! Email me and tell me what you think!  Thanks! 

TUCKER just  posted some Insitu shots of his first complete CORNER TANG ! Congradulations TUCKER!  If you want to see the Insitu shots I suggest you CLICK HERE TO GO DIRECTLY TO THE MESSAGE BOARD and take a look for yourself!!!!!! Good Show! Glad to have ya !

The McKinnerney-Shore Ranch has been pulling out some finds. Just outside Junction Texas...There is a mile of river front of the Llano river. $30 for a Day Dig. Mighty want to give it a try ! Info on the Paydig Page

Mr. Tyler T. from POINT CHATTER MESSAGE BOARD - Has been showing off some beautiful pieces !! 

Wayne S. contacted me with this here little ditty! Here is a Folsom that he found on Sunday 1-2-2011 while surface hunting in Gaines County in West Texas. LUCKY DUCK! Congratulations Wayne!!!!

Randy from Cameron in  Milam Co and his 4 5/8 inch perd ! Its Gorgeous !

12-2010 - I think that SPIDER from Chrisners Ranch Dig needs a good combin! Look! Those stickers can even cling to a Angostura! Hal found it but I say he who clings to it wins! Congrats Spider! Trade ya for a biscuit ???

Our very own "WillyBee" from Missouri Found this Dickson Contracting Stem point while kayaking below a major hydroelectric dam! Wow! Get back in that water! Thanks for the update! I am also glad you like the MANO-HOLE  ! BAHH!!! Gotta Love it!  Stay Warm !

Jessy!!! Did you find my special secret dig there at Chrisners or what?? GREAT FINDS!!!!! WOWZERS on that Drill too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John R. wanted to tease me a little because I think he KNOWS how much I totally adore the Buck Tooth (Sponge Bob!) Montells -3 7/8 inch paper thin Kendall County! Congrats ya meanie! heh LOVE IT!!!- Michelle

Flo-Town Digger , you have a way with FLINT ! Great camera action ! Beauty!

I was reading Flo-Town Diggers long CLEAN lifeline there and noticed that he had the greatest looking drill in his hand! Great work on the picture! Love it ! 

Barry L. sent this point to Dr. Gomer - "Lithic Art Restoration"  for tip and base repair. He won the certificate from Digfest2010 ! Wanted to show you all what you can do with your points that are nicked or bruised! Send them to the Dr. for a bandaide! Thanks for sharing Barry and thanks Dr. Gomer for the fine work

Erik posted this FABULOUS Marshall! (If I got it right that is!) 
Email me if I'm wrong!  WHATTA KILLER!! Congrats Erik!
Matching Mano & Metate found TOGETHER!

We had the privilege of un-earthing these wonderful artifacts today! There is NO DOUBT that these babies go with eachother! Mano & Metate with no doubt that they are a pair! Metate was up side down and Mano was just inches from it! Beauty!

Hal was having a bad hair day so we hd a stand in strike a pose for us! Got some pieces from Chrisners! There still are more to be found folks!

Just LOOK at the dip / edge of this baby! Really good groove and well worked! These are going to be wonderful additions to my collection ! WOWZERS!

Now THAT is close ! Very Cool digging these both out at the same time!

Sandy - Looks like you found a mono / mortar ! This side really looks to be bowled. Wonterful! Guess this is a kitchen dou ! Congrats!

Travis Mcgaughey posted this little beauty for us to see! WOW that is a tiny one! If I didn't already have my ears pierced! Great find Travis!!

The Yankee's left some gifts for Hal ! He is kinda old and forgets and this is as close as he could come up with ! Thanks Dad and Leslie!

Lunker and his tribe are busy cleaning up in hog country. HAY BRAD!!! Are you atleast watching where you walk for the flint! The other white meat!

 Eric M and his father Randall went out to Nacho's for a sift.. They both had a good time and also send me a few pictures from the dig! Thanks for sharing you guys!!

Jon H. sent me in this picture of a cool ENGRAVED ROCK! Wow! wonder what they were counting or tracking! Wonderful Find! Thanks Jon!!!! Jon found this engraved stone and some other grinding stones on a geological field trip near El Paso !!

Here is a beauty of a Dalton that the Cameron Boys found around Milam Co

A few from Nacho's that Mike W sent from Oct. VERY nice Kerville Knife!!

Here is one that Louanne sent in from Ross Co. Clovis from Darrin Johnson found! Congratulations and Beautiful Flint!

 Eddie T. sends in some of his finds from East Tx  also Chrisners in Central Tx

10-3-2010 Scott A. ( GeeTen ) sends in his finds from Bell County 

10-23-2010 - DENIS found this SHUMLA outstanding at Nachos

Randy's A. at Nacho's said " The bright spot was brother 
Jamie found the G10 !! Beauty even if a G-9 !

MAGGIE - A Regular @ Chrisners, found this little beauty and she emailed it to me. Fish hook or someone was trying to shoot around a tree! CONGRATS MAGGIE!

9-19-10- Nacho's Dig - Patrick's 3 3/16 inch G-10+ killer Montell !!
Patrick had been dreaming of this one! His first Montell couldn't get any better than this!  NACHO'S SCREEN DIG - (830)486-9325

 Kenneth L. from San Angelo, TX is doing a great job keeping a look out for the birds! You just keep it up Kenneth!!! Those are Beautiful!!! Congratulations !!

KEVIN found this beautiful square eared CASTROVILLE

FLICKER ( Bettie ) with a very Scallorn from Nacho's

Met BEN and his mother there on Monday! Nice to meet you guys and nice to dig with you as well! I will have to get me one of those fancy flint flicker sticks for next time!

Lookie at this beauty ! Wells maybe? 
I don't know but I LOVE it! Thanks for moving Hal ! Bahah!!

Another great CACHE find video from Richard of RichardsRockHouse 
Its a CACHE FIND Video!  Watch a Cache of Points being dug out one at a time!  Points un-earthing that haven't been seen for thousands of years!

8-31-10 - Chrisners Ranch STILL has goodies! Jesse B. got this CORNER TANG on his visit! Mary said Idaho Bill missed this one by about 2 more pick whacks!

William from Missouri says was 101 degree heat index that day, but the river helps a lot. Finally Finally Finally found a decent point in the river here at home!

Steve Clarke sent in recent finds from Sabine Parish � Northwest Louisiana

Russell's cousin found these points in Heard County, Georgia. Almost all the points in that area are quartz!  Cool stuff!! Thanks Russ 

Brian Smith from San Angelo, TX sends in some recent finds! The beads / flint TX. Pottery from trip to tennessee. Nice laboratory pic Brian!

George Roberts sends in various variety's of St. Tammany Points. He has discovered 5 types to date: acute, apiculate, broad, mucronate, and screwdriver

Check out this not so typical Kerrville knife that John R dug over in Blanco County. - GO DEEP! John R !

Here is KATHERINE - DON - DONALD - BRANDON on there first EVER 
arrowhead hunt! With their FIRST EVER ARROWHEAD! 
Way to go !!! Hope you and your boys had a good time!

This is a "BEFORE "& "AFTER pic's of East TX Michelle getting the dusty trail end of the sifter table while visiting Nacho's Sifter Dig. 

John R. sends in some great little perds from digging in Blanco County.
Rain - Screen Table - Tarp - Light ... PERD !
           Congratulations to Tracy! Tracy and her husband Todd and their son visited Roland Hand Dig in Uvalde, TX on their first ever Arrowhead Dig! Tracy found her first ever Arrowhead! Congrats!

Kris L. posted this wonderful picture of finds in the Message Board "Point Chatter.
Such a great picture that I had to move it here for all to see! Thanks for sharing Kris!!!!

Calvin posted his "Best Of" in the message board ! WOW That is alot of flint! 
I think this needs a LARGER place to look at these!!! Will do it sometime! 
HUGE FLINT !!!  Like looking into a barrel of gold! Thanks Calvin!

Long time Austindigger "Russell C" sends in what he thinks might be a
Long Eared Marshall -  Found in dripping springs.

Michael sends in this beauty of a translucent he found using one of his Wiggle Picks!

This Kinney is 6 1/8 long and 2 1/2 wide. Found on 6-29-10 by Coleman County.
It had just started to rain and he had told myself this was the last shovel full. He said "I have never been so happy to get wet" - Calvin B. 

Thurman M. sends in a Gorget - Nolan and Scraper from his travels

Found in North Texas by Gregory W. near the Red River 
Thanks for sharing your finds with us all !!! 

Adam H. sends in this great pic of finds from his hunting area somewhere outside Lorena. Nice collection of birds! Thanks Adam !!!

Florida Mike sends in this killer NEWNAN that his son Travis found a few years ago about 150' outside of our front door. Gotta LOVE it! Great one Travis!

Dan's and his son found a few nice pieces at McKinnerney-Shore Ranch site

Terry T's friend BILL is pleased to show off this huge baby! Bill has had this in his collection since 1964.  Thanks for the HUGE SHOW OFF Bill!! Its a BEAUTY 

Alan Connell from FL sends in one of his finds! I totally love it when we get to see any artifacts from other states! Why doesn't Texas have this coral ! This is the first point Alan ever found and what a beauty it is! 

BIG B.T., Pat Kinyon's friend has officially been hunting artifacts now for 1 year. Pat Says " And as you can see he has a natural eye for it. Forever obsessed now"    Keep Looking Down !!!

Duncan H. sends in some of his surface finds. All found round about the same area within a mile of walking around locally. Welcome to flint finding Duncan !

Pat Kinyon's showing off some great flint in the Message Board !!
The point is only 3.5 inches x 1.38 inches wide. Thanks for sharing Pat !

Be sure to check out the Message Boards people! 

And I got a little broken wing birdy ! I didn't get in much digging.. It was HOT!

Here are my best of from about a 1/2 day poke around at Chrisners Ranch!
I got ANOTHER piece of pottery from the same camp I got the other one!

Here is a happy camper ! This young man was visiting Nacho's this past weekend and found a few points to take home for himself! GOOD SHOW !!

Pictures from the Temple TX Artifat Show 6-5-2010
Hello there Mike ! Nice to see you ! heh Yes, I missed the show .. Again.. But some people just have to work weekends and I am that someone! 
Hope it was a great show and a better show off! 


Adrian sent in some points that he needed ID. I see a scotty in there!

Bill B. sends in these surface finds from El Dorado, TX.  Possibly some Toyahs 
Scallorn, Perdiz, Edwards, and who knows what! Thanks Bill !


Cherokee posted this great Comanche Perd found by "Wildman"from 
somewhere around the Leon River ! Great Find!!! Thanks for sharing!

4-2010 - Michelle's kerville from Nacho's Dig!
Wanted to show off a little myself with a"Before and After" of this KILLER KERVILLE KNIFE I found last trip to Nacho's!

David De La Paz on 3-27-10 - Found this plummet digging with Nacho. Nacho said he has never seen something like that around his area.

William B from Springfield, MO the last time we were out at Nacho's Dig.  William was digging at Rolands Nueces River Adventures dig right next door

Cliff B. sends in these beauties all found 1 weekend in Kenny County, Tx

Nate A. from Killeen, TX sends in some of his creek walking wonders from Chrisners Ranch

Thurman sends in these finds ! Including his first Gorget! Congrats!

3-28-10 - GREAT Montell found at Nacho's 

Russ wanted to show off this Translucent Perd from Dripping Springs, TX

 Here are some pictures from Jon H. from Nacho's!  Jon found his first Kerville Knife and several very nice points and Dan, a 12 year old table partner worked and found a KILLER Castroville and very nice Perd!

Donny R. sent in this GREAT pic! Cave Drawing? WOW! 

James showing off a Killer Kerville found 5 years ago !

Dusty and Kasey's Favorite Frame! Check out those beauties! WOW!

William B. from Springfield, MO. On a small creek near Buffalo, MO.  It was 42 degrees that day, and I was wearing his lucky hat! JUST met William on 3-20-10 at NACHO'S dig! GREAT to meet you and Sean! 
Thanks for the obsidian arrowhead too!

Here is a 2 inch translucent little corner tang that RANCE found
out digging at Chrisners Ranch at the pothole camp!

Bryan B. and his friend found there surface hunting near Bracketville

Chuck S. aka "Stingbass" Sends in these finds all the way from Garland County, Arkansas. Agee and Scallorn points from 1000 to 1150 AD

Here is that GREAT picture that DREW send in of the ANDICE he found!

Invasion of the Gorget Kind!
I don't know about you but, I see green people! Did the Indians??
Area 51.. Ummm.. We ALL read you loud and clear! 
Visit the message board "Point Chatter" & tell us what you think about this!

Scott Farr of "Farr Outdoors" sends in the badest carrollton point he could find and  a really nice fairland and ensor, to get the flint fever going
Contact Scott of your interested in a Texas HOG hunt or hunting supplies!

LuckyLittleRiver sends in these great finds from 2-2-2010 !

D Knight sends in this West Texas Pipe / Shaft straightener!
WOW! Its only the second one I have seen before! WONDERFUL!!!

Roy and WL sent in this picture of their finds from the Family Farm !

This is a point Matt Cart found jan 2010 near a creek by my home in Louisiana! Thanks for sharing all the way to the TEXAS folks Matt! 

Ralph Thorton is one of our flint fans and sends in this beauty with some added color all the way from Vancouver B.C. Canada

Drew sends in a little front page worthiness! Yes Drew those are great!

 Hal can't dig his own Corner tang so he finally broke down and bought this one at the Fredericksburg flint show!

Here is a great way to start off 2010 ! This beautiful 4 Inch LANGTRY 
was found by TJ Jennings at the SHOEPEG Dig Site

Jimmy Terrell found this WAFER THIN MONTELL at Palmers Dig Site ! It was broke, he kept the base and two weeks later his friend found the tip and they matched!!!. Also see  The Next Piicture is ------------>


12-13-09 - Michelle (Me!) I found a wonderful piece of Indian Pottery at Chrisners Ranch! Look at this baby and all the markings on it! 

Rob S. sends in another great grouping of points / knives ! 

1-2-2010 - Mike W. sends in these Beautiful finds from his trip to Nacho's Dig!! Congratulations Mike!!! 

12-2009 - Gorden A. is puttin the whoopin on the flint at Chrisners!
Check out this beauty!!! See you there again soon so move over and leave me some room next time will ya! heh See ya soon!

12-2009 Hal found himself a 5 1/16 inch PERD

12-09 - Justin S.  sends in a few of his finds - Justin does some surface
hunting for points in Webb County, TX ! Thanks Justin!!!

GT from the forum sends in this beautiful point ! Still Dirty too! 
Thanks! Found in beautiful Central Texas !

Jeremy A. sends in a great looking pottery finds from near the trinity river !

12-2009 Judd and Bree sent in this to die for DARL from Comal County !
This beauty is needle tip and I am happy to show it off for them! Thanks Guys!

12-13-09 - Michelle found a wonderful piece of Indian Pottery at Chrisners Ranch! Look at this baby and all the markings on it! WOO HOO!

John Fraser from Kansas sent in this CLOVIS in Oct 2009!

Rob S. came all the way from Florida to goto Nacho's !
Check this HEARTBREAKER MONTEL! Ahh! But he went home with some other nice finds too! Wow Whatta killer this would have been!

Tricia sent in this find that she found in Comal County 

Brian Smith sent in some of the finds that he has been collecting 
from San Angelo, Texas. Thanks for the picture Brian! Good Hunting! 

Newcomer to Austindiggers "Kade R." sends in some finds! I believe the
Castroville came from Roland's Nice Finds and thanks for sharing!!!

Nov. 21-24, 2009 - Tim and wife Elaine Dixon from Laurel Hill, FL. 
Found these  digging with Nacho on the Nueces River
(See larger picture on Nacho's Page

Michelle's Split Base Ensor from Chrisners on 11-27-09

11-28-09 Idaho's "ANGOSTURA" from Chrisners ! WOW! 
You calledthat fire pit yesterday you lucky dog!

Kenny's writes: "Ricky found this axe when he was about 8 yr.. old,
he is now 50! Has kept it as a keep sake for all these years. I 
always enjoy seeing it. Found near Clintonville, in Bourbon Co., KY

Wes M. sends in some of his finds from Llano and Kendall County! 

Kenney sends in this Dalton his friend found in Bourbon County, Ky.! 
He was running a combine and got off and there it was all 2.5 inches of it!
Great start to a "Bluegrass Points" page no? Send me some more! Thanks!

Stephen Lutes sends in a nice Insitu before and after of this
nice serrated point from Bourbon Co., KY! Thanks Stephen!!

Kevin F sends in this wonderful from from Chrisners Ranch!

Tatum is going to be another great artifact hunter!
Jim Townsend hunts with his daughters Madeline , Tatum and Allison near Salado Creek surface finds after the big rain

Here is a pic of stone effigies from Karl Pierce from 
Keep on looking for more Karl! I see a bear in there!

Randy S wanted to show off this ANDICE ! WOW that
would have been a killer! The others are great too!

Bill Arnold sends along this wonderful BOLO that he found down on his property!  2 1/4" long by 2"Found on my gravel bar on the Lampasas River in Burnet County !! Pretty Cool groove in it too!

Patrick G - Sends in this collection of finds that he got out
sifter digging with TJ! Great Variety there patrick! Congrats!!

Tucker sent in some of hit Bird Points ! WOW! 

Jim T and his girls Madeline, Allison and Tatum
Went hunting in  Concan, TX and we nice enough to
send in these finds from their trip ! Good going yall!!!!

Found at Chrisners Ranch by Sheryl!!!!!!!!!!!
In the creek near the screen dig location in the throwback dirt!!

Tucker !!!Gotta love the look of that BLACK soil!
NICE Castroville too!!!!!!!!!! And Frog !!!! heh

Barefoot Bill's Screen Digs at Chrisners Ranch
CONTACT BILL AT (254) 760-4990
" DREW" screened out an ENSOR as big as the one Lee found at digfest ! Right on 5 inches long! WOW!  Congrats! Drew!! 
Send me some more pics of that one!

Sam B - You PICTURED my heart with this one! Now THAT'S COOL!

Paul K. sends in these pictures of a "Mini Paleo" collection

Matt form Boerne,TX sends in this pic called 
"Really Good Day"

Dan J -Little Rock, AK - Great Grooved Axe ! I WISH I could find one 
of those here in Texas! Thanks for sharing Dan!!

9-5-09 Julian M got a wonderful DARL! See what a little rain can do!

James C. - Here is a picture of his carport 

Angie K -  Cibolo, Texas


8-22-09 - TJ's Dig

William B. from Missouri. came to Texas and visited Pipe Creek and came away with this G-10 - Check out the great Tip on this baby! Congrats William! 

Runnell C. sent in another Great Frame of Perds !

Dan Jordan  from Little Rock, AK  sent in a picture of his Waco Sinker!

Killer Bell from TJ's in the closing "Camp Wood" dig ! 
Found by WL !  Great Find !!!!!!!!!!!

Gary Mann sent in these items that he really enjoys collecting

Patrick G. sent in these great finds from Nacho's Paydig !

Steve C. - 08/01/09 � Northwestern Louisiana Area � Sabine River

Here is a great collection sent in by Steve Valentine from Wheelersburg, Ohio

Michael Gissell found with Russell C. Hays county Castroville

From the collection of Steve Valentine, Wheelersburg, Ohio.

Jerry Miller sends in this Gorget found in Leakey, Tx

Keli Goode of Dallas found this artifact visiting San Antonio!

Check out this crazy blade found at TJ's ! Tang? Crescent? Beautiful !!

Dan Jordan wanted our visitors to enjoy seeing the hematite 
plummet he found Saturday near Hot Springs Arkansas !!

Beauty of a Mid-Back Tang found at TJ's "Vanderpool" dig site! WOW!

Johnny D's AWESOME Kenny Blade from Montgomery County, TX !

6-30-09 - Hal's wicked little drill! WOW !!!
Even with the rain! GOOD ONE!

JJ sends in this item that he found and is proud of too! Keep looking JJ !

Mike O. Sent this Angostura from his dig at TJ's

"Florida Mike" sent this frame in to show off after
Dr. Gomer worked him Magic ! Nice collection to take home with you Mike! Congrats to you Mike! See ya next time!

NOW I know why all my tips are broken! Yes, I even keep the junk! 
Tastes like chicken! hehe , What do YOU do with your brokes?

Tehuacana sent in finds from TJ's at Vanderpool !

Found Friday 6-19-09! -Russell C. says its "My first complete Friday Blade" ! WOW 

Nice ensor we found in central texas send in by Mark and Jacob !

Russell Smith sends in these finds from Pickerington, OH

11yr old digger "Riley G." sends in one of his many finds from Austin.
Can't wait to see what you and your family get get at Nacho's ! 

Randy S. from the South Austin 
Crew sends in these great finds!


Michael G. found this Triangle with GREAT SERRATION'S !

GREAT assortment sent in by Kris L. in Williamson County, Tx !

Keith-n-Anne send in these beauties! 

Here is a KILLER sent in from George R. from Natchez, MS

Pete wanted to show off this MONTELL! Surface Find! WOW !!

YUPPERS! Insitu Corner Tang Drill today! See MAY 2009 for pictures 
Whatta beauty it would have been if it had the tip!

Jim Taylor sends in this beautiful Montell! Whatta Killer!!!!

Arizona Al at Nacho's Dig ! Check out that GORGET!!! WOO HOO!

William B. Found this long stemmed point. A "Zella" made of banded root beer flint from BANDARA county. It is 4000-3000 BP. Described as a large Lancelot, convex base

Brooke from Junction sends in this great little find! NICE!!

5-21-09 - SWEET Base Tang GEO!!!!!!!



Here are a few new pictures from CHRISNERS RANCH !

Richard K. Find from TJ Jennings Paydig Site - GREAT Base Tang

Jerry M. sent this in - EMAIL ME - any info on it!!

5-9-09-Russell C. finds from Huntsville, Walker Co

Hal's HUGE broke base MONTELL from 5-12-09

Jimmie took some finds home from their Nacho Dig Day!

V.V.Turner sent in these wonderful points from 4-2009 

Florida "Rock Hunter" Mike and his clan drove all the way
from FLORIDA to visit Nacho's ! 

James W. sends in this beautiful Ensor! WOW!!

John L. sends in this picture of a bone awe he found!

Nacho's Dig 5-2009!

Brooke W. sends in these finds from JUNCTION, TX 

Gary G. Sent in this FRIDAY found near Bracketville - Laguna Site

4-9-09 - NACHO'S DIG
REGINA found herself a 5in CORNER TANG and is she 
EXCITED! Congratulations Regina!!

Colin N.  sent in pictures of this "Boat Stone"

Tanner Terrell (Tan-Man)  - Square Ear Castroville
Jimmy T. sent in this great picture of his nephews first arrowhead.
They went for a dig with TJ and Tan-Man couldn't be more hooked!
He's hooked forever now and so is Jimmy's brother - Thanks Jimmy !

Tanner (Tan-Man) and Jim on Tanner's first turkey hunt ! Wow !
You da' TAN-MAN !!  I expect some Turkey Jerky! heh

David K. sends in this wonderful thin bird point! Check that flaking!

3-20-09 Nacho's Dig
Hunter Kinyon was checking out old dirt piles and found this wonderful gorget that someone missed on the tables! Way ta go Hunter!!!

Tarrell in March 2009 went for a dig  and sends in this wonderful
translucent drill found at TJ's Dig

Randy S. sends in this great find ! 
Tell the boys HELLO for me Randy

Cliff A. got a HUGE MONTELL from Nacho's

Wayne S. sends in this great Castroville that he found !

3-9-09 - Broken Corner Tang Drill & Little Bird
A couple of my finds from a Newly opening site called

Dale got this BEAUTIFUL MONTELL from Nacho's Dig !

Cacey sent in this PERD found in South Austin - 2009

John F. send in this DRILL also found at Nacho's Dig in Feb 2009 !

John F. Sends in this great dirty covered MARSHALL 
Found in Marble Falls the middle of FEB 2009!

Dan Jorden sends in this wonderful Double Nutting Stone 
from the Saline River near Little Rock this past weekend

Johnny D. Sent in these pictures of a tiny Perdiz !
Found in 2008 hunting the Frio River

Terrell sends in this great point! What a great find!
Check out that base! WOW! Any Guesses?

John W. sent in a few pictures of what he does with some of
 the neolithic artifacts! The rest are on the "Projects and Idea's" page

Russell S. from Ohio sent me a picture of his 
Found 3-1-2009! I think we have a future digger !
Congratulations Russell!

"Lee", a digger that found my website while surfing 
the web sent in this find from San Patricio County, TX
Anissa C. sent in this picture from the 
Mason area doing some creeking!

Johnny D. sends in this great blade from Jan 2009 in Real County

Wanted to welcome PHILLIP in to the bunch of us and show off this point he found at Chrisner's Ranch in 2009! 






Brooke from Junction, TX found this bone chopper !
David Knight -2008 from TJ's 

Sent by Johnny D. Found by his wife Crystal
Montgomery County - What a beauty! Thanks guys!
James sends  this frame! CLICK THE PICTURE ! Thanks James!!!

Johnny's son found this great big old 
black blade in Montgomery County

Found this one Timothy sent in 2007 !

Here is MATT'S bone ring !~

Can't forget KTDID's First EVER find in 2008!